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About Area Magazine

allen-craftArea Magazine believes anyone can excel in anything when they focus their efforts and passion. Whether working in the entertainment industry, practicing law, educating the masses, practicing medicine, excelling at sports, or engaging in the political arena, the mainstream media traditionally favors some and neglects others. Area Magazine seeks to correct that error. Our mission is to spotlight the accomplishments of African-Americans and other ethnic groups from the 985 area and beyond.

In 1993, some friends began working toward a career in the music industry. We gained some partners, founded an indie music label together, and formed a group called Tri-City 6. In 1998, we came up with the idea for a magazine, but life took us in different directions. However, the dream persisted, and now, sixteen years later, we are pleased to publish Area Magazine with a vision.

Area Magazine is mostly about entertainment. That’s the industry in which we began. We understand it; we love it, and we can write about it with knowledge and passion. We are pleased to inform you about and invite you to enjoy all the entertainment-related events in the area. But that’s not all. We want to introduce successful African-Americans and other nationalities from the 985 area. Area Magazine seeks to highlight the success of small business owners, professional educators, physicians, artists, and athletes. We are compelled to share their stories and the path they followed to achieve success. Area Magazine will show you that dreams can come true.

We explore numerous subjects, such as education, politics, food, sports, health, and fashion. Area magazine does not avoid sensitive topics. In fact, we investigate them and address them openly because we strongly disagree with sweeping important issues under the rug.

At Area Magazine, we dream big. We intend to grow further and to publicize the success that lies within your community and culture. Our purpose is to educate our readers of important matters, to explore our world, and of course, to entertain.



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