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Thaddeus Hayes “Model Soldier”

Thaddeus -29_RESIZED_TO_986x652Thaddeus Hayes is a Houma, Louisiana native, aspiring model and actor. But there is so much more to Thaddeus than movie star good looks and a chiseled bronze physique. He is the product of good home training and military discipline.
His mother is a retail manager and his father an auto mechanic. The youngest of three, Thaddeus has one older brother and one older sister. For him, family is and will always continue to be the backbone of everything he endeavors to do.
He is a graduate of Ellender Memorial High School, where he excelled in mathematics. Thaddeus is a self-proclaimed tech nerd who loves taking things apart and putting them back together again.
On May 5, 2008, he enlisted in the United States Army with an impressive ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) score of 68. He advanced to the rank of E-5 and was in charge of communications for an entire battalion of 500 soldiers at Fort Stewart, GA. In 2010, Thaddeus was deployed to Afghanistan, where he would face one of the biggest challenges of his life.
His duty was to make sure that communications readiness was always at 100 percent, and he also served as a tower guard protecting his brothers in arms. His battalion had already been attacked twice and always in the rain. On the third time, a rocket landed thirty meters in front of Thaddeus and took him off his feet. Everything appeared to be fine for about a month but then one day he woke up and couldn’t move. He was sent via medevac to Germany and hospitalized. Thaddeus couldn’t walk or move for 55 days. He was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and also sciatica in both legs.
He had crushed his right heel and fractured the left side of his foot. Thaddeus also had an AC grade four separations in his right shoulder and a disk bulge on his L-5 and S-1.
After being shipped back to the States, Thaddeus completed his last two years of service and was honorably discharged. A young man who loved taking apart and putting things back together again, Thaddeus now had to do the same thing with his own body.Thaddeus -10_RESIZED_TO_653x984

In high school, Thaddeus was an all-around athlete with a love of any sport that involved a ball. He also ran track and was a member of the swim team. So when his body began to work again in 2012, he started going to the gym sporadically. The gym, along with daily doses of Government issued anti-inflammatory injections, helped Thaddeus to begin to feel whole again, physically and mentally. He began to see some dramatic changes to his body and began posting images on social media. These images gained the attention of a local Miami fashion photographer who then flew Thaddeus to Florida for his first test shoot.
After his first stint in Miami, Thaddeus returned home to appear in three fashion shows for the Indigo Boutique in Houma and he was then featured in the Houma Courier newspaper. Taking what he learned from Indigo, he then appeared in the Macy’s 2014 Fall Fashion Show and did his first ever magazine photo shoot for Houston-based Apeel Magazine with the renowned photographer Eric Ganison. Most recently in 2016, Thaddeus competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC) show winning 2nd and 3rd place medals. He will be competing again in the summer of 2016 and anticipates a successful first place win.
Though he still experiences severe pain from his military injuries, he is disciplined and perseveres, striving forward towards his goals with humility and the support of a tight-knit circle of loyal loved ones. He puts on a good game face and, boy, does he look good doing it.
Thaddeus is also a man with a plan. He is patterning his career after successful models turned actors like Tyrese Gibson, Channing Tatum and Tyson Beckford. In his free time, Thaddeus loves playing video games, watching anime and riding his motorcycle so appearing in action films would be a dream come true for him.
However, this ride to stardom in entertainment is more than just the thrill of the chase for Thaddeus. He is currently taking acting classes to better hone his craft and to create better opportunities for his career. It is very important for this ‘model-soldier’ to be basically a trained actor and not just a good-looking one.

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